Still just buying off the rack?

Ever have anyone ask you, "where did you get your clothes?"

It happens to us weekly.


At Ontal, we produce high-quality custom sublimated apparel.  We feature golf, corporate, and collegiate licensed apparel.  Our garments are made in the USA, using the highest quality imported & domestically sourced fabrics, at our headquarters and production facility in Milwaukee, WI.  The combination of the best fabrics, expansive sizing options, and precision sewing, means a quality garment manufactured specifically for you.  We will never be out of your fit, style or color.


You have to be seen to be unforgettable™

  • Designing your own apparel can be overwhelming for many.  Our stylist has curated collections of garments.  By choosing colors that complement each other, all the items in the collection can be mixed & matched.  Even down to the most minute detail, like coordinating belt loops & welt pockets on bottoms to the shirts, will give you the confidence to combine the entire collection.  


  • If you have a color combination in mind that is not featured in our curated collections, or if you want to step out and get creative, you can expand your options by working in our Builder.  All of our sublimated designs can be customized to your color preferences.  For some tips and tricks on color selection, please refer to the COLOR THEORY section.


  • Thought of a design that is completely unique to you?  Work with our design team to get creative.  You have to be seen to be unforgettable.

Why is fit so important to us?

We realize not all retailers treat their size ranges equally, oftentimes resulting in fewer style options and limited sizes.  We firmly believe that any size or shape should be able to shop without restrictions, which is why our size charts are inclusive from XS-6X.  All our styles come with length options to fit any person of any size and shape. 

Each body is unique, resulting in endless sizing combinations.  If for some reason your needs fall outside of the extended offerings on our site, simply email us at and we will be happy to work with you.


We put a lot into our product, find out more about the Ontal difference.

Ontal dye

We have scoured the world to find the best quality performance fabrics.  Our mills look like science labs, with research and development paving the way to the best product.  We love our fabrics so much, we guarantee them against fading, cracking, or color transfer of any kind.

Ontal fabric

What makes a great performance fabric? Breathability to keep you cool, moisture wicking to keep you dry, and UPF50 to keep you from frying.  Take all that, and add in the perfect amount of stretch to let you move about with ease, and you have our fabrics in a nutshell.

Ontal Cutting

Why would we pay 4x the price for fabric vs our competitors?  It's all about the quality.  We go through a rigorous testing process with every new fabric.  We work to reveal any hidden imperfections in the fabric that can appear during the sublimation printing process.  We wear test and wash test samples to be sure our fabrics perform in real life.  We buy direct from the best textile mills.  They look like laboratories, with clean rooms and employees walking around in lab coats.

"It took us almost two years to find our favorite fabric, Magic.  We sponsored a professional softball team and we had just enough of our Magic to upgrade two of the four jerseys for each player.  After that first weekend, the coach asked, "What did you do to the shirts?  They only want to wear two of them".  The players could not see the difference in the fabric, but they knew it was something better.  Magic became our fabric of choice that day".  -Rick, owner


American Made. Some manufacturers skirt the law when they say American Made or Made in USA. Most people think it is to show the customer where the garment is made. Our government requires a country of origin label for custom purposes. Once the garment gets out of customs, many companies have the practice of changing the label. When we say Made in USA or American Made, we mean your garment is printed, pressed, cut and sewn in Milwaukee, WI. Sometimes we need a little help, so we go all the way to Chicago and have them help us sew. Many of our fabrics are milled in the United States, also.


Our trims are sourced from reputable manufacturers that stand behind their quality products.  From the perfect structured collars and top of the market thread to our signature zippers & buttons, our trims will last as long as the garment.